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Growing needs for the productive decentralisation of our Clientele and the consequent need for integrated logistics services encouraged the Vectorys Group to open the first big logistics platform in Tunisia, and this continues to be a point of reference in terms of services offered and technology employed.

The country’s major economic players have always claimed that Tunisia’s ability to attract investments has to go through an improvement in logistics activities, conceived in a modern key, the absence of which would definitely be penalising. Today’s market demands much more than in the past: a stock management service, for fast, safe, reliable and inexpensive release onto the market; a goal that direct management of the logistics activity by companies is hard to pursue, often generating additional costs, inefficiency and reduced productivity.

Being fully aware of all this, in 2006, the Vectorys Group began to significantly develop logistics activities in Tunisia, making targeted investments which have made it possible to implement the knowledge and technical capacities of its team, which is now capable of managing a high-quality information system, incorporating innovative methods and improving the service my means of a constant modernisation of the procedures in use, working closely with the General Management of the Customs Department.

In 2012, the Vectorys Group took another step forward, creating a company devoted exclusively to the management of logistics operations, with the aid of dedicated platforms and the creation of a working environment professionally geared towards the success of this important activity.

It is with this spirit, that the new Tunis-Rades logistics platform was inaugurated in 2013: 6,500 m2, 12,000 pallet posts, of which 9,500 on automated shelving.

This new installation has made it possible to adequately respond to the needs of companies for flexibility in terms of warehousing and the operations associated with it, regardless of the quantities handled.

This great achievement by the Vectorys Group now allows us to:

  • minimise costs and risks linked to warehouse management, increasing reactivity, for all companies directly present in Tunisia;
  • enable the distribution of the products required to clients, for companies that are not present in Tunisia;
  • creating a series of high value operations in the warehouse, such as quality control, improvements to packaging where necessary, labelling, kitting and co-packing.

In the Tunis Rades port area, we also have vast areas for storage and clearance through customs of new cars.


Mass retail
Ecommerce: ability to pre-empt the management of unexpected orders, guaranteed delivery to the end customer with zero problems.


Management of your FIFO, LIFO, LOT and DLC flows
Web access for clients so that they can monitor their flows in real time
Complete management of customs procedures

ISO 9001 V2015 Certificate

ISO 14001 V2015 Certificate

ISO 18001 V2007 Certificate

12,000 pallet posts, with 9,000 on automated shelving
Detailed knowledge of the process that enables the handling of over 9,000 packages a day, with over 99.5% customer satisfaction.
Availability 24/7
Qualified staff
Offer of tailor-made logistics solutions for every client
One of our experts at your complete disposal, to accompany you throughout the whole development process.

Our know-how is the real added value that enriches every logistics process.