From drilling equipment to hardware, from chemicals to systems, from generators to life fields, the Vectorys Group is organised to meet the needs of the global players who operate on these markets characterised by special requirements. Convoys for setting up new extraction sites and an air service for urgent details, an all-round service to reach … Continued


Electronic equipment, production lines, metals, medical equipment, clothing and luxury accessories are just some of the sensitive merchandise and valuable goods that we carry every day, devoting the very same attention to them that you would. Adequately tailored insurance cover is provided in compliance with the client’s requirements, so that they never need to lose … Continued


For such delicate transport, Vectorys uses only the very best of its organisation: state-of-the-art trailers, top-of-the-range equipment, bi-directional control systems using the GSM network, real-time monitoring of position and progress along the route and of the reference temperature, trained staff in direct contact with the client, as well technical assistance organised specifically for these kinds … Continued


The Vectorys Group manages spot campaigns for the procurement of strategic products characterised by high seasonality. Thanks to the extension of our fleet and to a specific organisation for large flows, we guarantee the success of campaigns characterised by a high concentration of transport over a short period of time, such as the transportation of … Continued


Years of passion and dedication, consolidated experience, observance of ATP transport regulations, and a specifically created fleet with the best GPS remote control solutions allow the Vectorys Group to interpret the needs of the various operators in the sector, both in Europe and the Maghreb. To better respond to the needs of the effervescent French … Continued


Whether the load in question is made up of raw materials and partly processed goods (rolls, cages, bales and sacks) or finished products (hanging or flat packed garments, trunks, boxes and loose products) Vectorys always has the best solution for managing the supplier-manufacturer-distributor chain in the world of fashion, textiles, clothing, footwear and accessories. The … Continued


Vectorys has been accompanying the automotive world in North Africa for over 30 years. The Group has succeeded in dynamically conforming to the particular needs of the automotive clientele and has moulded its organisation and fleet, and the skills of its staff, to fulfil pre-empt the needs of this sector. To provide an even more … Continued


When it comes to hazardous goods, it is no longer simply a matter of “transport”, as it becomes necessary to manage the documentation, authorisations and permits required to allow the goods to travel on roads, trains and ships, in observance of international legislation. Vectorys places a fleet of homologated trucks and trailers, trained and skilled … Continued