Full loads

As regards the Morocco line, in addition to the traditional “all road” link via Algeciras and Tangier, the Vectorys Group is able to offer a direct weekly departure from Marseille to Casablanca and vice versa, as well as several weekly connections with the new port of Tangier, to and from Genoa, Savona, Livorno, Salerno, Barcelona and Valencia.
Departures from Tangier to Tunis and vice versa are also offered, with direct links once a fortnight, and weekly links via Genoa or Marseille/Sete.

Groupage service

Through the branches in Paris, Marignane and Novi Ligure, the Vectorys Group offers several departures a week from and to Tangier or Casablanca, ideal bases for quickly serving all destinations in Morocco, a quickly expanding and quite dynamic market, which now requires advanced structures and schedules befitting of a real fast courier.