North Africa with passion and enthusiasm since 1984!

In 2008, after 35 years after consolidated activity, the Vectorys Group was born. The product of the union of different experiences and cultures, with the aim of identifying – under a single brand – French-style companies which have been operational since the early 80s and can be considered as the pioneers of the international transport sector in Europe/North Africa.

The takeover, in 2011, of an Italian company with twenty years’ experience and professional know-how, strengthened the wealth of knowledge and skills required to be fully innovative and competitive on a constantly evolving market.

In 2001, to satisfy the needs of the electronics, automotive and aeronautical sector (the country’s major industries), Vectorys Logistics was set up in Tunisia. Ahead of its time, it was the first integrated logistics company to be at the service of the industrial productive excellences present on the territory.