Green vision

Vectorys changes operating model, and becomes even more GREEN!

The Vectorys Group has always been very sensitive to compliance with environmental requirements, proved by becoming the first MTO operator, thus saving more than 150,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions! The Vectorys Group has adopted in an ethical and factual manner all the new European regulations on Eco-Sustainability and Social Responsibility, integrating them into these operational processes of its business model. Today, the Vectorys Group’s investment and development policy revolves around two main areas:

• Energy transition and green policies
• The social sustainability and digitalisation of its Business Model
Over the last five years, more than EUR 20 million has been invested in low-carbon intermodal vehicles and tractors. For the next 3 years, an additional EUR 20 million budget for the acquisition of highly flexible intermodal vehicles has been approved.
We are convinced that decarbonisation and environmental sustainability are now a duty and no longer an option.
It is our planet that is at stake, and each of us must do our bit to save it. We are doing our best to play our part.