Green vision

Our green vision: seaways and eco-friendly intermodal transport solutions.

Having always been attentive to the environment, the Vectorys Group has, choosing innovation, undertaken and adhered to the indications of the European Commission introduced with the EC White Paper issued in March 2011 on the reduction of the environmental impact of transport in the next 30 years. Right at the start, the Vectorys Group was ahead of its time, preferring the use of seaways and rail transport to complete road transport, resorting to the latter only where absolutely necessary.


Furthermore, thanks to considerable investments in the right vehicles, it has developed its use of railways in Europe, where possible, by over 70%, as well as having created a network of partners, with the precise aim of reducing empty journeys between the various European countries, creating eco-smart partnerships. At the same time, being aware of the need to preserve the environment as much and as widely as possible, all the vehicles employed directly by the Group on both sides of the Mediterranean are homologated in compliance with Euro6 standards.